Nelson Amos Studio
Nelson Amos paints realistic portraits, landscapes, still life, citiscapes and landmarks of Ypsilanti, Michigan. Amos's early experience in the visual arts was gained as an art major at Morehead State University in the 1960's. After a year of study, he decided to follow a career in music which led him to Ohio State University for a Master of Arts degree and The University of Iowa for his Ph.D. Since 1975, he has served as Professor of Music at Eastern Michigan University where he continues to teach classical guitar, lute, and graduate classes in music history.

Inspired by his historical music interests, Amos decided in 1997 to incorporate Renaissance and Baroque painting techniques in his art work. His success in this endeavor was greatly enhanced by studying with artist David Weaver who provided a practical approach to all types of oil painting including portraits, landscapes, and still life. In 2004, the Nelson Amos Studio opened at 9 East Cross Street in Ypsilanti's Historic Depot Town. The Studio has since moved to 23 E. Cross Street in Depot Town. To date, Amos has painted almost 40 portraits including individuals, family, as well as commissions from corporations and the University of Michigan Medical School for the Helen and Marvin Kirsh Cardiovascular Library. His painted images of Ypsilanti and Ann Arbor are favorite items having broad appeal in Southeast Michigan.

Amos continues to teach at Eastern while his wife Korin assumes much of the day-to-day operation of the studio-gallery (custom framing and sales of his original art work).